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Competition Rules

Rules last updated 05-29-20.

General Rules

* Statistics are taken from the time the timer stops at the end of the level. This is usually when the signpost, goal ring or the capsule is hit, though in some levels it may apply to other events, eg. in Wing Fortress, time is taken from when the screen fades out. Scores are taken after all the relevant act bonuses are added.
* For ring stats, you may not collect the same ring(s) more than once.
* All submissions must be your own. You may not submit statistics, videos, or guides obtained or created by another person.
* Gamesharks, similar cheat devices, "turbo" or "autofire" features of controllers, and ROM save states must not be used, nor any functions on the emulator, such as slowing down the speed of the game.
* Common sense applies in all games. If something seems iffy, you probably should not be doing it. Or at least check with someone before you do. Note that if a new rule is enacted, anything already submitted in violation of that rule is void.
* In any game where there is a co-op mode, the second controller may not be used.
* With the exception of items designed to change the timer, using any method to reset the timer to zero in the middle of a level is not allowed.
* You may use any emulator for competition; however, any action performed during the run (be it an in-game action or use of an emulator function) that cannot be replicated on console voids your stat.
* The original game and all its contents must be preserved and unmodified.
* Any game running on a PC or emulator must perform at full speed while playing the game you're submitting for (60 FPS in most cases). The exception is if lag is caused by the game, rather than by bad hardware or emulation.
* You can create only one account per person. Alternate accounts are prohibited. Conversely, one person per account.
* Emulators for GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox and any home console released after those, as well as DS, 3DS, and PSP are banned for competition.
* All first-place records (including ties) must have a video of the whole run linked in the stat comment. Emulator runs must have an input file linked instead. If using Retroarch with Genesis Plus GX, video is required instead of an input file and the Retroarch Menu that displays the Genesis Plus GX core and version must be shown at point during the video.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

For all events that have both Individual and Team options, use the Individual option.

Score Divisions
Dream Curling: Scores are accepted for 6-frame games. Scores for games with fewer frames are also accepted, but do you really want to submit lower scores? ☺
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