Jakanddaxtersonicnate's White Cave (Three Laps) History

Three Laps | Single Lap
Stat Rank Date Comment
1:44:95 1/50 08-08-15 Definitely number 1 record on White Cave around, I used Wave and the High Booster. If you don't believe watch my video on YouTube in the Sonic Riders time attack playlist. My channel is Eco Kenneth Nathan.
1:45:00 1/51 09-23-15 None
1:44:95 1/51 09-23-15 Embedded video:https://youtu.be/nNz02Ydlots
1:44:71 1/51 11-01-15 I never would believe I could pull this off, 24 milliseconds better than before!!!! https://youtu.be/RrBZYEbdqCE
1:44:28 1/51 11-24-15 The best White Cave run I could ever achieve!!!! The best I can go with this track. Went through agony to gain. Video: http://youtu.be/moNhAcaxnJs
1:44:71 1/51 11-26-15
1:44:28 1/51 11-26-15 Eureka, I have done the impossible with a brand new record on the White Cave, I subbed both 1'44"40 and 1'44"30, I thought that wasn't possible!! Wave and High Booster, laps: 0'36"46, 0'34"09, 0'33"73. My last submission on this track. https://youtu.be/rS
1:44:71 1/51 11-26-15
1:44:28 1/51 11-26-15 My White Cave ability has reached its limit, this is the best I can go, I impossibly accomplished a sub 1'44"40 and 1'44"30 time with determination. Wave and High Booster. Laps of run 0'36"46 (1st), 0'34"09, 0'33"73. https://youtu.be/rS35uklBjno
1:44:15 1/51 11-27-15 Yay, I improved my White Cave again with hours of agony. a sub 1'44"10 and even 1'44"00 is still possible at my true max ability, Wave and High Booster Laps: 0'36"53, 0'33"97, 0'33"65. Video: https://youtu.be/x0sTGpuyHew
1:43:95 1/51 02-04-16 That's what I'm talking about sub 1'44 using Wave and High Booster. Missed 1'43"80 screwing up the last lap. Might try to go for 1'43"80 next for one last stat on White Cave. https://youtu.be/Z4uofdWNJuY
1:43:81 1/51 02-05-16 Yay, finally got 1'43"80, Wave & High Booster, got extremely luck struck on last lap, done with White Cave and moving on, my true ability has been reached, I have conquered the White Cave!!!!! No more stats here for me. https://youtu.be/L6XsEsi5540
1:43:60 1/51 03-17-16 My true final stat for the White Cave, I am going no lower from here, it's too hard. Brought back the ghost race for latest vid. Witness great ability on the cave. Vid: https://youtu.be/B2_9o2zaLMQ. I invite you to try to beat my time for a challenge.
2/53 10-27-17
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