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Re: The direction of TSC
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There's more stats being submitted than posts on the forum though SB. People who usually submit might not have voiced their opinions, and people who don't visit the forums might not bother to get proper proof for every single submission either.

I'm pro-trial though

Re: The direction of TSC
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I've done everyone a favour, and removed my posts, (since it does appear I’ve just explained the current system without realising it) -remember, before posting, I didn’t actually know the system.

For the record, I wrote my posts with the belief that the majority of the legit members on this site that submit reds for multiple games may not be with the system fully. . or newcomers only capable of scraping the red territory be put off competing. . .especially when 40th can be a red. . . .

But when it comes to top 5-10 stats on popular games, maybe the system would work here. . .

Thinking of it again, I think providing proof is a good idea. . but only necessary for the top stats. .not all Red stats. (But again, that’s just my thoughts)

SonicBoom737, I was not initially arguing over the capital K, (that was sort of a joke, which is why I ended with “ :P ” (Please don’t take me seriously XD), my initial thing I picked up on was my name spelt DarkPolarKnight. (Don’t worry, I’m not offended or mad about that, lol)
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