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Beef / The TSC Forum
« on: August 09, 2004, 07:38:54 am »
The TSC Forum = The The Sonic Center Forum!


ABM missile
ABS system
AC current
ACT test
APL programming language
ATM machine
BBS System
CAD design
CNN news network
DC current
DMZ zone
DOS operating system
GMT time
Geirangerfjorden (Fjord Fjord Fjord)
HIV virus
ISBN number
ISDN network
LCD display
LED diode
MIDI Interface
Mount Fujiyama (Mount Mountain)
NATO organization
NFS File System
PIN number
RAM (or ROM) memory
Rio Grande River (Big River River)
Ruidoso River (Noisy River River)
SALT talks or SALT treaty
SAT test
SCSI Interface
SEATO organization
START talks or START treaty
The La Brea Tar Pits (The The Tar Tar Pits)
The Los Altos Hills (The The Hills Hills)
VIN number


Wikkity! / -4² = -16
« on: April 22, 2004, 03:51:09 am »
It IS true.

Any LUEsers here?

Competition Central / Sonic 1 Miscellany
« on: February 14, 2004, 12:27:32 pm »
Here's a collection of my random ramblings about Sonic 1.

I downloaded the green hill 1 video of 0.25 but when I try to view it I just see "State Slot 0 Loaded" and the zone title on top of a black screen - anyone know why?

I wonder how xebra thinks he can get 1.12 on final zone.

SadisticMystic I am at a loss how to get 0.55 on Marble Zone 1 hehe, I think there must be a way of getting onto that platform with the spikes but I don't know how!

I like the way that the shared records are now [2 players] instead of the first person to get them, because I arrived here after most other people!

I'm still awaiting that promised video from Spu for Scrap Brain 1, dammit I just can't do that level.

Do people here use emulators? The videos of times are quite a bit quicker speed than on my genesis, which I have noticed when using an emulator and a sonic rom too. The slower speed helps a lot - I certainly find it more challenging using the emulator - so maybe more can be said for someone else getting the same time than it can for me.

Does anyone know how to guarantee not falling off that slide at the beginning of star light 3? It seems completely random, unless I'm missing something.

People are nice in providing videos, I can't provide any of my own so really I'm taking and not giving all the time. Why do people do it if they know others can copy their strategy and beat them? This could give me an unfair advantage if those GH1 and SB1 videos worked...

Where has the videos link gone from all the games on the navigation bar on the left? And why, if all the videos still exist?

Do my Spring Yard 1 time (running over the top of the screen) and Star Light 2 time (Falling through the scenery) count? (I managed the same time a different way on SL2 as well)

How many people agree that this is the best sonic to use for breaking times considering the ease of use of the level select and the lack of emphasis on exploration?

Ah, I'm done, thanks for your time  :)

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