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I have to address the issue of how Knuckles/Rouge Time Board's on Sonic Adventure (DX) and Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) are unneeded and don't show skill in the first place.  I will point out every Issue there are with these boards.

Number 1: The Knuckles levels have the Emerald Shards in random places and it makes getting a good time based on luck. ESPECIALLY in Sonic Adventure 2 due to the level size of Knuckles's/Rouge's levels. Which means most of the times will be based on luck unless you do a glitch which will be addressed in point 2. This would make most times either really long and it would be like that if the glitch was not there.

Number 2: There is a glitch which lets you make your time shorter by making the Emeralds spawn near you. Which shows no skill what so ever and it just there to make you brag about how you beat Pumpkin Hill in 9 seconds or so. To me, speed runs is showing how much skill you have that you can beat a level in a short time. Like darkspines beating City Escape in under 2 minutes. Not doing a glitch based on luck.

Number 3: The levels were not built for speed runners. They were built for exploration. So having Speed Run ranking for a level/set of levels is defeating the original purpose of the level.

I hope TSC sees how having the boards at stupid as I do and remove them. Thanks for reading. Leave your opinion below if you want.

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