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News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: May 21, 2015, 06:06:26 pm »
You're missing the part where Thorn's "direct post" leads us to now. Had he not made that post, this topic would have died sooner and this topic's intent would have been exactly as you say. So yes, this topic will continue to be here.

Just 2 simple things:

We could've ended it then and there;
I wasn't trying to convince you. I just wanted point out your bullshit.

So yes, lock the topic if you will, but don't act like you didn't want this attention you got.

Competition Central / Re: Randomness in Advance Ring Boxes?
« on: May 21, 2015, 04:49:20 pm »
I just made an additional discovery. The random values are not assigned to the boxes themselves, but it is one value shared by all boxes.

I will attempt to stream this weekend to get the footage of all the similarities I've found, maybe there'll be a way to put all of this together and create some sort databank for people to look at; In case someone else feels interested in trying to find how the patterns in Sonic Advance work. All I can say, without a doubt now, is that it is not really random. It's nowhere close near as random as the ring boxes in SADX.

News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: May 21, 2015, 01:30:21 pm »
I will be very clear here, Hyper. I didn't argue with you because of FF or anybody else's sake; The only reason why I did it is because most of the things you brought up make you sound either really arrogant, stupid, or indecisive. It just makes you sound like I don't have a mind of my own.

And I don't mean this new post.

Now, for your new post, I just find it weird that you would write another book after starting with "I felt that was going to be the end of the topic".
This is not really that simple, but I guess maybe we have different ideas of what simple is. The one thing that really irks me, though, is this:

Quote from: Hypersonic7701
A lot of this has been an attempt to "get" her to be assertive, because it will be this courage, and this alone, that will allow her to see what she "should" really do, whatever that means in her view. I never meant for this topic to go so far, or for a lot of other things to happen in the name of hurting her (because I never meant to hurt her at all), it was just misunderstood that way since my methods were probably not so direct. Enough about FF, though, since as it is, there will probably be about 4 posts mocking me again for gosh knows what.

into this

Quote from: Hypersonic7701
In the end, I don't really regret what happened [...] Nor do I truly regret the effective casualties this topic caused

Most people know very well what you have done and I will not bring it up again, but effectively, you say that you did what you did and don't care about the results? That makes you sound more like a sociopath than a normal person, to be honest.

In the end though, I feel this topic overall shouldn't have gone this way at all. I mean sure, we lost some administrators, but that doesn't change ANYTHING in terms of whats happening to the site. It's not like Administrators are magicians; This site is almost the same it was 2 years ago (for better or for worse), and the only real change is the fact that it lacks additional staff. However it has always lacked proper staff needed to change the site (meaning active coders), but apparently, everybody seems to just ignore that fact and just be like this guy:

I just want people to know that TSC isn't actually ending; I don't think it has ever been as big as it was before i came here, anyway. Most people that come here are active in other communities and people just simply don't use TSC as a means of communicating and cooperating, only for showing their e-peen.

P.S.: This topic should've never been about you, anyway.

Competition Central / Re: Randomness in Advance Ring Boxes?
« on: May 18, 2015, 01:15:42 pm »
In addition to what I've already found out, I have now confirmed on Neo Green Hill 2 that choice of character doesn't influence randomization. I thought that the randomization might be the same, so since you hit a trigger before the ? box on Egg Rocket I thought that was influencing it.

You'll always get 5 Rings from the first random box, no matter what, if you just spindash through it or get it without hitting what are unconfirmed triggers and red springs. From what else I've seen, a lot could trigger new randomization, the prime example being the red spring. But I did 2 entire runs of NGH2 without using red springs and the random at the end changed anyway, so i assume that either hitting checkpoints and/or the poles that let you swing higher change the randomization as well.

Also you have to give the randomization time, or else it will not happen. For example if you hit the red spring before the ? in Egg Rocket and instantly go to the random box within what seems to be like 10 seconds, the randomization will not have triggered yet. It is unconfirmed if you have to wait exactly 10 seconds (since it's hard to judge with the Egg Rocket timer shenanigans and what not) or within 10 second periods (I might be using a wrong word combination here so i will give an example - I do not know whether its 10 seconds from hitting the trigger or if it's changing at 0:10, 0:20 etc., assuming you hit the trigger before then)

It might also be 5 seconds, but 10 seconds seems to be more likely.

EDIT: The assumption above is probably wrong, as the randoms seem to change as soon as you hit a trigger and the Random Box is out of sight. However there seems to be a regularness to it that is hard to describe with words. If I get to it i might record it on emulator, because I don't have a way to record from my fat DS. Results are the same on both, so I expect it has to do with the games coding, not its version.

EDIT2: It seems that red springs only change the ring box if you go far enough, just hitting it turning around and hitting the ring box seems to only affect it sometimes. I really wish I could figure out how this entire thing works.

EDIT3: It appears that time is playing a roll in what random you get, but only if you hit some sort of trigger first. If you stand next to a random for 4 minutes and then get it, it will be the same result as if you got it directly. However if you do the same path that you know has triggers at 2 different points in time, you will get different results. Now the problem here is that I don't know what falls under patterns and what does not, because it seems that if you do 100% the exact same things in a couple runs, you will get the same result in terms of random boxes. That, however, is extremely hard for me to replicate.

Competition Central / Randomness in Advance Ring Boxes?
« on: May 18, 2015, 10:51:03 am »
Hello. I've recently been trying to figure out how the randomness in the ring attacks work, so I've been looking into it a bit. Especially in Egg Rocket. The randomness seems to have multiple factors, and I wonder if anyone else knows how it works, before I go further into researching it?

My current experiences with them are as such:

-You can always get a 40 ring box if you get into the first timed part at around 13 or 14 seconds and hit the ring box once the original timer would pass 20 seconds. Meaning with the timing I just described, you'll automatically get a 40 ring box, since hitting the change of scenery will trigger the timer to change at about 20 seconds.

-If you get really fast to the second ring box and wait 3 minutes, it will still give you the same amount of rings: 10 Rings. This also happens if you wait for 3 minutes (or any amount of time) without hitting any red springs. I assume that the first thing that randomizes rings in egg rocket is the scenery and timer change, which would also mean that there is some sort of pattern behind it that i don't quite understand.

Things that don't seem to be changing the randomization of rings is the amount of rings you have and killing enemies. At least, as far as I could tell.

This is not correct, however, if you die during a stage. Since that randomizes boxes again.

TL;DR There's a way to always get 40 rings in the first box of Egg Rocket and I assume that hitting the red springs (and possibly other things) randomizes rings with possibly a pattern. Randomization only happens after triggering it and waiting a certain time.

As of the last thread, Hyper's biggest suggestion was having more activity on TSC to promote further improvements of the site.

I will say as much that, experimentally, I will start submitting starts starting today. Daily. Between 1-3 stats, maybe more if i even feel like it. If I forget a day or two, i'll submit twice or thrice as much in the following day. Anybody else who wants to join in is welcome.

Just because there's some disagreeing here and there doesn't mean that ideas can't pay off. But this will have to be a group effort, or else it will fail.

If you think this suggestion doesnt fit well with you, then I have another one. Make June another "TSC Month" to promote more activity there!

So since everybody is probably tired of that old thread by now, here's a new one.
If you have anything you want to improve TSC with and rally people for, go ahead.
This is your new chance to maybe change something in TSC, or at least attempt to start changing it.

News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: May 17, 2015, 07:00:44 am »
>implying I post for FF

Get real. I've always been mad at people myself and acted without a reason to "defend" anyone. I just find it stupid that literally no one else ever speaks up that isn't You, Thorn, or someone that wants this to end. Especially when you make large posts as if you want to publish a goddamn book.

Nobody is expecting you to make up, by the way. I would actually prefer it if you guys kept away from each other, especially since your way of getting back at her for a Race Night and other small problems is kicking her out and trying to get her admin taken away from her; I feel like you knew problems like that would arise again, seeing as she was the reason you originally quit Race Nights, right?

That means you are person everyone can rely on because you held your end of the bargain and you don't do stupid things without reason yourself, correct? Unlike the time where you did petty little things like being mad at FF for "her sake" when she submitted to ESA? Or when you disliked a bunch of her ~competition~ Sonic CD 11 youtube videos? Or the time when Bilan made a joke post and you couldn't take it and changed it to "I am retarded".

There's been a lot of stupid actions between you and FF, and I feel like if she had been any other person you wouldn't have done that and instead tried to argue about a solution instead. Like if it had been me we wouldve had a stupid lengthy discussion like this that would at some point end. Or not. And then the solution would be one of us had to go.
And in the end that decision was made by the admins.

And seeing as you want to desperately hang onto this thread, I'll just make a new one to gather whatever people think needs to be done, since i doubt they will even respond to this topic with anything that isn't "stop flinging shit around".

News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: May 16, 2015, 10:25:18 pm »
Yeah, this topic is so great because so many people have meaningful things to say.

Troll competition is still competition; You got what you wanted, which is someone submitting stats that he didnt have before. It's not like he concealed them either, he got them fresh and steaming. And it was, DIRECT, competition in a game that you had a championship in, where he even beat one of your stats.

Same happened when he took back knuckles chaotix special, by the way, the second time you got angry at him daring to challenge your climb upwards.

Also this whole title thing is already too stupid, because you saying "oh you didnt read it correctly tehehehe" doesn't actually undo what i said.

And you have repeatedly said that titles both do not mean much, but are worth going for, which i still don't quite understand. Seeing as that, apparently, was your sole motivation of doing anything that was relevant to Race Nights.

And I'd hate to give any more direct examples of you being a jerk to people, especially to FF, but I'll say something else instead.
Remember the time when you "cleaned up" the race nights skype group? A week before you kicked some people, you acted like a complete fucking idiot together with them, saying shit like "no u" over and over and over again. Which was so annoying it led to me leaving the group, and eventually, you kicking them out of the group because of complaints, even though you joined in on it and pretty much killed all the sense in the group with the other ones. And because of your position you get to stay even though you were just as much at fault for that.

News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: May 16, 2015, 07:59:24 pm »
Quote from: Hypersonic7701
As I have said before, the title very well could have had additional meaning, such as designated, reliable racers, or if the races were hosted here instead of on SRL, where some of our rules could be better enforced, and then moderation would have some actual meaning.

Instead, it never meant much, but it did give enough of a reason to encourage people to race, to be there as often as I possibly could, basically to give a shit.

So the title is meaningless, but still makes you give a shit? I think we had this one before; Maybe you should stop contradicting yourself within 2 paragraphs.

Quote from: Hypersonic7701
I'm not asking for a mob, and I'm not asking for Gerbil to force anything. Only a collective effort will be inspiring enough to get the site upgrades we've been waiting for.

Then what will show the effort that you need? A lot of people submitting stats? I am just asking because, as far as I am concerned, all we need is a stable communication line to our headadmin/coder that he could always be spoken to. Maybe that's asking for too much, but if we can't even talk to the guy who is supposed to update/fix our things, the greatest effort will be made naught.

Quote from: Hypersonic7701
It's the people behind the stats that have been here, past and present, that made TSC what it is today, with impacts big or small. It's all of us, a basic community of Sonic lovers that want to take Sonic gaming to a new level, a level that extends replayability, that have guided this site to this point.

You can't then tell me there's no community, because whether we admit it or not, by coming here we secretly want to connect with others that share the same interests to any extent.

I am not telling you that there's no community or whatever, but most of TSC's stats are made by people who don't even compete anymore, let alone even visit the site. There is most of the times maybe 5 or 6 people that even voice an opinion, and the rest are people that don't visit TSC for talking or hanging out with other people. That's where they go to SRL, since it's actual live competition, instead of a "Hey you beat my stat give me a week or so to beat it back" thing. You know, the place where we host the Race Nights? Do you even remember that when we actually wanted to move it back to TSC, people were afraid of losing most of their racers? Because that's why the first thing I quoted makes even less sense; since it was an option that wasn't taken by the other Race Nights participants and yours truly .
Quote from: Hypersonic7701
Sure, I'm not perfect. I never claimed to be. I've made bad decisions in the past. I've come a long way. I learned quite a bit about many of the people here, past and present. Maybe I'm not the best person to be calling out people, I'll believe that. Somebody has to, though.

I do think that you're quite full of it, mostly because you say you want a community and competition, but the last 2 times that happened you got angry at those people, banned them from your twitch streams and pretty much did a lot of other passive-aggressive things to them.
Like when Thorn got some easy points in Sonic 4 and you got all mad on stream at him and banned him, because he held the penultimate spot for another day. A single. Extra. Day. You did make up after that, but it was still pretty harsh.

Which pretty much means, you, yourself, cannot take a kick in the ass and not go off on people if it happens. So yes, I do think that you're the wrong person to call people out on that, because even the most passion you have will not help the reputation that you have gained yourself.

Quote from: Hypersonic7701
Uh, no. This topic is still very much relevant, since it concerns many of the same issues extended from Thorn's "direct post". As far as I'm concerned, this topic should not be swept under the rug, because it's still a reminder that something big happened, and because the topic is still an extension from said post

I am just saying that you should make a new topic to inspire people as you will, instead of having us just rip apart this thread in terms of what it's about. Because originally, it was supposed to be about Thorn's resignation and people saying goodbye, instead of saying "HEY YOU'RE LEAVING? GREAT, TAKE TSC's PROBLEMS WITH YOU PLEASE". This isn't supposed to be an All-You-Can-Bitch-Buffet.

News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: May 16, 2015, 10:51:25 am »
The whole point is WE can not get ANYTHING done unless we have the support of the higher ups; It's that simple. That's the whole point i've been trying to make this entire time. Especially now with all the power basically centered around GerbilSoft, unless the TSC staff gets more people involved with the drive and the skills to change the site, it will just not happen.

On top of that, we shouldn't even be posting in this thread anymore. If you so desperately want to improve TSC, make a new thread that doesn't keep dragging Thorn's resignation into the dirt. I, for one, don't care if you keep using this thread, but it's far and beyond gone past just being about the administrator title change.

News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: May 16, 2015, 10:16:25 am »
TSC is, first and foremost, a site that hosts charts and forums. It also has an IRC channel.

Quote from: Hypersonic7701
We DO, however, need a community, especially in a time like this.

That's why you abandon the "community" for not receiving a petty title, instead of trying to keep Race Nights alive;
One of the biggest community activities TSC had to offer, I might add.

Quote from: Hypersonic7701
We need people that give a damn to fix the site.

We talked about this before. If anything, we need to give Gerbil and the others in power an incentive to fix the site for us, nobody else has the power to. Which means the only thing you could do is maybe organize a flash mob and force Gerbil to fix shit? Stir up a ruckus again and destroy the site before it gets fixed again?

Quote from: Hypersonic7701
It's sub 200 last I checked, and the average has been 200-300 for some time, barring temporary factors. I don't think that's much at all; we pulled at least double that years ago, and considering I also tend to see the same faces on new stats most of the time, it's pretty damn bleak.

My first point: This is a site for leaderboards. The site has a ton of people that dont even talk on TSC itself, most people just submit stats and maybe glance at the forums. The forums most of the time maybe have 20-30 different people posting in a month; Most likely not at the same time, either. There's just no basic community in the first place, so how would you magically make one appear? TSC, especially after the whole Race Nights shenanigans, is even more split than before. There's more activity in those split groups than there is on TSC itself.

Quote from: Hypersonic7701
Consider this a call out to every single competitor out there. If you still give a damn, then don't make excuses all day and act like it. I don't care if you're dying tomorrow; if you really care enough, you'll make time and show it. Show the admins you still care and maybe they'll start caring more too.

You do not need excuses to not speedrun. How about you stop telling us to care about TSC, after you abandoned pretty much every responsibility you had on here, not showing up for 4 of the games you had planned for the "failure" of a marathon, cheating/bullshitting the first time you got here, etc. etc. etc.

Information Kiosk / Re: Should I be doing this?
« on: May 09, 2015, 08:24:11 pm »
...On the contrary, why shouldn't he be doing it? Last I checked many people were debating on how to improve the site, and since we have no active programmers to scout out these issues for us, shouldn't any help be appreciated? We can't fix them at the moment, sure, but it's less work for Gerbil whenever he swings by.
Quote from: Kirbymon30
The problem here is that both Gerbil and Sonic AD are very rarely around, and when they are, they don't stick around for long. If they were here more often this could be sorted out much more easily and I would probably agree with the both of you. But they aren't, and considering the "limbo" we're stuck in, it isn't like we have much to lose.

Is there a way to remove the score from the chart or did I just plague it, forever? :(

Quote from: flying fox
Yes either Zeupar does it or Sadistic Mystic gives me full admin forum powers and I do it.

So it boils down to this: The people who are supposed to fix things that are broken on purpose need to be around/notified to fix them, so planning without them will not work out well in the end.

Now this particular issue has already been fixed, but if there are any problems within the code itself, only Gerbil/SonicAD could fix them. As pessimistic as this oversight might be, this would not bode well for the site.

Information Kiosk / Re: Should I be doing this?
« on: May 08, 2015, 04:29:12 pm »
If you want the community to see any improvement whatsoever,

So bugging the site is going to improve the "community"? This is about the site's inner workings, right?

IF anything Gerbil should say something about it since he's the site coder; anybody else (except maybe SonicAD) has no idea on how the websites code works, so giving him a free pass is, if anything, a worse idea. Especially coming from someone who has "no say in this".

News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: April 30, 2015, 10:10:04 pm »

I did say I would stop organizing RN if there were no titles.  I say this because without anyone taking the designation of Race Night mod, the whole concept goes with it. There remains 0 reason to "have" to organize things (and I mean on TSC) if you have to go through the process of working with the community as equals.

Without some leadership, the concept is doomed to fail from the start. There are a lot of games to choose from, a large potential pool of people, etc. Trying to set up a series race requires people that will race just about anything, and there's barely anyone that's active these days that will.

I will admit the title would have served more purpose if it reflected the two most consistent racers, since that instills confidence in people joining, but if you have no one setting up some consistent races, the community will be indifferent to setting them up themselves,

You're basically calling "the community" out for being too lazy to even set up races by themselves, and even if they did, it doesn't belong to TSC anymore, since there's no titles involved?

Think of a title as an agreement without a contract - if you are willing to do X, then you get title Y, with associated power Z, based upon the judgement of the person with the power to give the title out.

So you're no longer wanting to organize racenights (save for the personal issues), because the title Y that you want is no longer warranted by just willing to do X, instead of organizing racenights for ~actually~ having racenights.

News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: April 30, 2015, 09:32:54 pm »
He openly admitted that he did it for JUST the title. Unless you mean to tell me that he did it to just break TSC on top of getting the title... ?

News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: April 30, 2015, 09:10:08 pm »

A 0p Championship is/was probably one of the most prestigious titles to have on the site, not to mention it's an earned title. It's a rare sight to see someone dominate a game completely.

I don't condone The Kid's actions, but this is not something he did just for the title, though it was still something he rightfully earned.

That was all from the same paragraph.

News and Updates / Re: Administrator Title Change
« on: April 30, 2015, 08:41:40 pm »
That's not a defense, diamond, that's an apology.

Beef / Re: Racenights Discussion
« on: April 13, 2015, 06:28:01 pm »
I kind of agree with both Gamepro and Frokenok, either there should be more people running it, or there should be no one running it.

Factually, it's easy to get a race started without much effort, so if people just made up a time to race you could just argue what to race as well. We have a forum so we could just use that and people could organize themselves.

Or we stick to having mods and add more mods so that there wouldnt be any issues with who's doing what and when, and there'd always be someone to do what needs to be done to get a race/poll/topic started.

Beef / Racenights Discussion
« on: April 13, 2015, 05:33:23 pm »
Hello there, dear TSC visitors. I have decided to create this topic as an open way to have people talk about RaceNights and its current status. As it is, the mods are in a huge dispute and want to kick each other out of the mod status, and I thought i would bring this here, since it should concern some people.

I will keep my opinion of the Mods out of this as of this moment and just want to ask you guys, what do you think is Race Nights supposed to be, and are you happy as they are now.

That's about it, as I feel that talking about the mods themselves would be too personal, let's keep it about the RaceNIghts themselves. I'm about done hearing just about stupid drama, so please, try to keep your posts as much about the races themselves as you can!

« on: March 24, 2015, 06:07:47 pm »
Why are you idiots even supporting this idiocy that ruins a scoreboard for a single point. Yeah, cause waiting is that hard, huh?

« on: February 03, 2015, 03:52:18 pm »
1) I'll offer my Sonic 06 Disc for the good fight!

Wikkity! / Re: Predictions for 2015!!!
« on: December 08, 2014, 07:25:17 am »
Predictions for 2015:

I will not let Yatta die.
I will get back to colours.
I will compete at another game that ISN'T Sonic Colours Wii or SA2B.
I will get the sub 45 in Hero Story.

Other Predictions:

Infersaime will be active in competition and snatch some red games.
Diamond will continue bugging specifically me about colours and other people about any other game.
Otonyshi will have stoned a goat at the end of january 2015. I will make sure of it.
Gamepro will try to get the Sonic Heroes Championship.
Hypersonic7701 will remain a competetive competitor.
RaceNights will happen again, but maybe not as regularly.
Somebody will want to make sonic boom 3ds charts happen.
Heroes will slowly die single segment wise, just like SA2B did.

I agree with Thorn on most of his points, but I will clarify exactly what I think:

1) Community.

There is no real "TSC Community", that's because TSC has a couple of (small?) groups/factions that I have no idea why they exist. That's mostly because my arrival here was a little late to see why it happened. We have the MHC, Hyper's folks, the couple people on twitter and SRL that share their interest in both live speedrunning and these leaderboards. Which is what the biggest problem here is; TSC is a site that hosts LEADERBOARDS. It's not like a huge pool of people just went in together, made a site called "The Sonic Crew" and made it a happy place. This place is all kinds of different things, but not a place to amass and host a crowd and have happy times.

I'd hate to call out people here, but there's a lot of angry comments here and there in leaderboards, some of which lead to some conflict of my own, too.

2) Administration

I don't really feel like appointing more and active admins is going to REVIVE TSC (see no.1). What we would need to do is either completely change the site so that we have a better live communication (something other than various skype groups). That being said, I do not think the factioning will be broken, since the MHC has become big on twitch and speedrunning, and has long since become a bigger influence e.g. on twitch that still holds it's roots here.

Long story short, more and newer and more motivated admins wont change the coding, it won't change the fact that these are leaderboards, and it won't actually let them CHANGE anything, other than maybe flinging their new acquired power at other people.

3) Get your damn game on

You have to bring other reasons than the admins as to why this site sucks.

LIVE COMPETITION: Barely any there, and since this site is mostly leaderboards, if we want an active community, we need more ACTIVE SPEEDRUNNERS THAT ACTUALLY COMPETE ON THIS SITE. I myself consider myself guilty of not pledging my entire life to speedrunning; It's not a passion of mine, it's a hobby. Of course there's some competition, but rarely will you see people trying to trump each other on a certain game or so. There is no actual activity going on, sitepoints are worthless because like 90% of the people in the "side ranking" are inactive.

I guess that comes with a legacy worth of 10 years or so.

LONG STORY SHORT: There is no "core" TSC community, most of those actually left TSC behind. There's oldies, there's factions, there's newbies. TSC = leaderboards; They host leaderboards for people willing to bring in their times. They don't host an evening soirée where everyone makes friends, I'm afraid.

TSC Race Night / Re: Just to say...
« on: August 27, 2014, 01:53:55 pm »
Again this doesn't mean "racenights" end, it just means we'll race whatever we want, whenever we want, instead of having a set schedule to follow.

I still remember the last racenight(s) i was in; among them, Labyrinth, where we did a two man race because no one else wanted to or was around. I think if we just race whatever, whenever in a skype group we can be much more flexible, and also race more games we actually want to race.

That means no dead races where 2 people race for the sake of completing it on the schedule, they could just race because they actually want to be racing. The possibilities are big, we just have to go through with it and people are gonna have to organize it themselves and see if people wanna join.

That also means we're no longer just set to race on saturday, 3PM EDT.

Just to clarify i agree with this system because it's much more leisure and doesn't force people to race games they do not want to be racing.

bumping this thread up, i dont think there's enough interest in it yet to really make it happen though

i'm voting for CD11

Marathon Planning / Re: Schedule for 2014 marathon
« on: June 23, 2014, 04:30:10 pm »
I'd personally prefer another month.

News and Updates / Re: TSC Marathon 2014
« on: May 08, 2014, 01:38:58 pm »
Actually i'm gonna add something else:

SADX Big Story

Pretty confident I could do a run of this.

It's a cheatcode. You're using a device outside of the game to get 99 lives.

Under competition rules:

* Gamesharks, similar cheat devices, "turbo" or "autofire" features of controllers, and ROM save states must not be used, nor any functions on the emulator, such as slowing down the speed of the game.
* The original game and all its contents must be preserved and unmodified.

I don't know under what of those rules it would count, but surely, it's probably not allowed to use that code for competition, judging from these rules.

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