The list of things that need to be fixed in SRA when someone has the time


Author Topic: The list of things that need to be fixed in SRA when someone has the time  (Read 2188 times)

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Like I said in the topic, these are for when you have the time. None of these are really urgent.

1. Mission 74 and both Missions 87s (Its listed twice) need to be removed from the charts. (74 because it is simply a normal level with a time limit, and 87 because the timer never gives a final time and the level counts time normally instead of gamma-style like the rest of the missions).

2. Since missions are Gamma style and the most time wins, you do not need to have all times submitted for a total time in missions.

3. The races category needs to be removed; there aren't even any charts in it.

4. General rules need to be added (feel free to rephrase):

1. Time attack mode must be used whenever possible. If you are going for score or the level you are doing is not in time attack mode, talk to Setter and make sure the difficulty is set to normal mode. For water levels, you must use the viking cup.
2. For ring divisions, time limit must be turned on.
3. In extra mode, submit the time you see at the end of the level. Do not do the calculations and submit the total time you took.
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