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So where is the line drawn for what glitch is called "freestyle" and what glitch isn't? I'd claim that Final Egg, for instance, is way more glitched than Casinopolis or Icecap. I'd also claim that Twinkle Park is extremely fact pretty much every level in SADX is. Should all charts be freestyled? What is the point then? What if a level had a 1 second timesaver, should it be freestyled? What about a 2 second one? A 4 second one? A 30 second one? Where is this magical line for when a glitch is major enough to freestyle it?
Any glitch which can makes a 2-5 minute level into a 5-10 second level. Which would defeat the purpose of the level.

We don't care if people want to show off. We care who has the fastest time. If you are not using the glitch, you do not have the fastest time, and you deserve a lower position on the chart. End of story.
Oh so if someone can't preform a glitch he deserves to be last. This is a reason why this site isn't popular. If the boards were more fair and balanced. Then people would be here and the best could be up top. No the people who used a glitch.

I assume halo solves everything, amiright?
You're still not getting the point.

What point? I was just addressing some beef I have with the site on the beef board.
Also...HAYLO DOEZ SOLV3Z EVRYDING!!!11!1112111@#!@#!@

So since "designed for going fast" seems to be the only thing that matters, should we throw out the Tails/Eggman levels too? They're cast as being about making lots of things go BOOM, not about going fast.

I used Sonic/Shadow as a example. I said they were built for getting a fast time. But I didn't say that it was the only factor that mattered. I just used that to further explain. But anything Exploration like is not built for speed running. If it's linear. It's better for speed running. But even if it has a little exploration like the Werehog level's in SU can be speed runned because it isn't built around exploration. Plus the locations you have to go in those levels when you do have some exploration to do a simple puzzle doesnt change everytime you play like in the Knuckles/Rouge levels and are not based on luck.

People who don't know that the super bounce its the fastest way of gaining lots of height with Sonic (and it gets much more height than ordinary jumps could ever be capable of) will have no chance of keeping up with the record pace in any of those levels. Does that mean we strike those charts too for being unfair? It's just like knowing the closest item locations in the hunting stage: you LEARN THE DAMN GAME if you want to keep competitive.

The super bounce does not base on luck like the other glitch and can be practiced unlike the other glitch. Plus when you said to learn where the emerald shards are, you didn't even think about when they change. So each time you play it's different and much much more difficult to learn then how to super bounce.

As for what Super Mario Bros. has to do with anything, it has just as much as the Halo you brought up. Are Halo and Super Mario Bros. built for speedrunning? Certainly less so than even the hunting levels in SA1/2. Yet both of those games have their share of speedrunning. Whether a game is worth running is a decision made independently by each player, not by an overruling designer, and certainly not by one player attempting to channel that designer onto another. When even Pumpkin Hill, a notoriously annoying stage to the casual player, sees 112 submissions, those 112 have all made their choice.
I only brought up Halo to further explain my example like I said unlike you when you just made like part of your explanation about it. Like you are now with both games. Plus you said it was up to the player. But they have to play by your rules. Also most of those people on there who practice the game alot, use the glitch or just played like a regular player would have.

And where are you getting a 9-second PH figure? Those locations aren't that close.

I meant the record times people usually get from using the glitch which is pretty unfair to people who don't know how to use it.

And what the hell is "built for speed runners"? Was Super Mario Bros. built for speed runners? I contend that anything in SA2 comes closer to that mystifying ideal than SMB1, and there's no rush to bring down the Mario Center. Besides, then we get into philosophical questions of the "If it was built for speed runners, does that mean it was built not to let you go through the walls? What does that tell you?" variety.
First why are you mentioning Mario Brothers 1. It has no relevence to what I said. Secondly, when I said built for speed runners. I meant the level was not buit to get a fast time like Sonic's/Shadow's levels. Knuckles's/Rouge's stages were built for exploration to find the emeralds. It's like doing a speed run of something like Halo. The level's were not built for that. Sonic stages are meant to go fast. Not Knuckles and Rouges.

I have to address the issue of how Knuckles/Rouge Time Board's on Sonic Adventure (DX) and Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) are unneeded and don't show skill in the first place.  I will point out every Issue there are with these boards.

Number 1: The Knuckles levels have the Emerald Shards in random places and it makes getting a good time based on luck. ESPECIALLY in Sonic Adventure 2 due to the level size of Knuckles's/Rouge's levels. Which means most of the times will be based on luck unless you do a glitch which will be addressed in point 2. This would make most times either really long and it would be like that if the glitch was not there.

Number 2: There is a glitch which lets you make your time shorter by making the Emeralds spawn near you. Which shows no skill what so ever and it just there to make you brag about how you beat Pumpkin Hill in 9 seconds or so. To me, speed runs is showing how much skill you have that you can beat a level in a short time. Like darkspines beating City Escape in under 2 minutes. Not doing a glitch based on luck.

Number 3: The levels were not built for speed runners. They were built for exploration. So having Speed Run ranking for a level/set of levels is defeating the original purpose of the level.

I hope TSC sees how having the boards at stupid as I do and remove them. Thanks for reading. Leave your opinion below if you want.

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