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Gaming and Grazing / ITT: POKEMON X AND Y
« on: January 08, 2014, 10:18:12 AM »
Why the hell isn't there a thread on this? I know of 4 people who own this game and half of them at least understand the competitive side of it.

So fuck it, ITT: Friend Codes, Trades, Game Stories, Possible Speedrunning if you want, Battles, whatever.

To kick something off, I have $5,870,484 without much effort, and 474:29 in gameplay time. Anyone topped those numbers yet?

Leaderboard Disputes / ATTN: Minato30
« on: December 17, 2013, 05:46:39 AM »
We require proof of your following stats:

Mirage Road Boss - Sonic
Huge Crisis Boss - Sonic
Unknown - Sonic
Unknown - Blaze

Screenshots and/or details of the strategy used should suffice as proof.

Gaming and Grazing / Obligatory Pokemon Black/White 2
« on: October 16, 2012, 04:51:39 PM »
So now that the game is out in english, who has picked it up and what are your impressions? I'm loving it, though I'm finding it a tad too easy; 8 Badges and i'm tanking through level 50s with a bunch of mid-40s. I really need to find someone to give me the key to unlock challenge mode. So anyway, my current team:
Bolt (Jolteon)* - Level 49
Luke (Lucario) - Level 48
Bertha (Ferrothorn) - Level 46
Pidgeot (Unfezant) - Level 34
Maxie (Samurott) - Level 47
Sol (Volcarona) - Level 54
*Special Defense IV of 31, was trying to evolve it to Umbreon, but by level 31 and the 6th gym, I needed something to power through Skyla, and it hadn't evolved. I guess there's always breeding as an option!

I'm trying to raise Sol to 60 so i can get Quiver Dance and Heat Wave so he can just plow through the E4. Bertha is my wall; She stops everything but fire, and knows Curse/Ingrain, so take that physical attacks. Unfezant is rather useless, i am tempted to try and grab an Ice type, but cannot decide.

Anyway, discuss away!

Competition Central / Sitewide Points - Leadership Bonus
« on: September 14, 2012, 05:38:42 PM »
This topic has come up in the past, and since activity is starting to boom again on this site, I would like to bring up our sitewide formula.
√(maximum points / number of charts) × (10 × (fractional percentage)3 + leaderships + 2 × championship)

While I do like how it parabolically curves out as the chart gets more popular, there's one particular part of it that doesn't sit right with me; The leadership bonus.

For those reading that don't quite understand this formula, basically, if you take a leadership in a game's category, you are rewarded with points based on how many submissions and how many charts a game has. The championship bonus is 2 times the leadership amount, however i feel that this misrepresents the way certain categories are submitted to. Games that have hefty weighting and with categories that have far, far less activity/competition are rewarded heavily for little for less competition (One prime example I can think of from the top of my head is SRA Extra).

So, I propose that the formula be changes so that the leadership bonus that is awarded gives points equal to √(maximum points of that category / number of charts in that category). This will make more competitive categories pay off more than smaller and less active categories.

Competition Central / Who's awesome?
« on: November 24, 2011, 10:39:49 AM »

Competition Central / Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing - DS Charts
« on: January 18, 2011, 04:51:04 AM »
It's taken some time, but finally someone on TSC has ASRDS. I've finished the game, except for beating staff ghosts. It's easy, just time consuming. Anyway, here are the chart possibilities:

Category: Time Attack

  • Three Lap
  • Single Lap

  • Whale Lagoon
  • Lost Palace
  • Ocean Ruin
  • Roulette Road
  • Pinball Highway
  • Bingo Party
  • Turbine Loop
  • Dark Arsenal
  • Thunder Deck
  • Treetops
  • Sandy Drifts
  • Monkey Target
  • Icicle Valley
  • Rampart Road
  • Lava Lair
  • Studio Amigo
  • Jump Parade
  • Sun Fair
  • Outer Forest
  • Sewer Scrapes
  • Deadly Route
  • Shibuya Downtown
  • Rokkaku Hill
  • Highway Zero

Category: Race

  • Three Lap
  • Single Lap

  • Whale Lagoon
  • Lost Palace
  • Ocean Ruin
  • Roulette Road
  • Pinball Highway
  • Bingo Party
  • Turbine Loop
  • Dark Arsenal
  • Thunder Deck
  • Treetops
  • Sandy Drifts
  • Monkey Target
  • Icicle Valley
  • Rampart Road
  • Lava Lair
  • Studio Amigo
  • Jump Parade
  • Sun Fair
  • Outer Forest
  • Sewer Scrapes
  • Deadly Route
  • Shibuya Downtown
  • Rokkaku Hill
  • Highway Zero

General Rules:

Default Settings must be used for Races. This means:
  • Number of Racers must be at 6
  • Number of Laps must be set at 3
  • Difficulty must be on Med*
  • Items must be on*
  • Hazards must be on*
*I'm not sure entirely about these. I guess these could be up for discussion, otherwise they are default settings.

Ive been unable to get a title screen to due emulators not loading that far. FKE, help

Rules Revisions / Sonic Colo(u)rs DS - Rule to be added.
« on: January 14, 2011, 08:25:52 AM »
Extra Division:
You may not restart the level between fulfilling the mission objective, and the results screen being displayed.

This is open to proper re-wording if an admin or grammar nazi sees fit. Don't make me submit scores that i've obtained using this method to force this to be done >_>

General Sonic / Preliminary Sonic Rush & Sonic 4 Maps
« on: December 18, 2010, 01:19:00 AM »
I shit you not.

However please note, that these maps are split into two parts, a foreground and background style maps. If anyone wishes to combine these, be my guest. And also note that these maps have no spikes, badniks, rings, trick rings, or any 3D sections.

Sonic Rush Archive
Sonic Rush Adventure Archive
Sonic Colours DS Archive

These archives may be empty at time of posting, but they are filling up. Time Attack maps and Hidden Island maps are not done yet, and as such, will not be uploaded.


« on: June 10, 2010, 10:07:17 AM »

Gerbil, if you have the time, is it possible that you can make this registration page a little more bot-blocking? We've had quite a few spam bots register in the past week or so. Maybe you could have some word questions, like typing the sonic center backwards?

Board Games / Image Wars
« on: June 05, 2010, 05:10:16 AM »
- I'll be posting an image.
- Someone posts an image that BEATS the previous image. It must beat it in some way shape or form.
- Posting an image of something similar to the previous image does not work.
- Posting an image of what might result from the previous image being beaten does not work.
- Must be worksafe.
- Do not repeat things.
- Nothing stupid like black holes, nukes, Chuck Norris, etc. Be creative.
- if you are making a post it must be with an image to compete in the wars, for discussion use other threads please.
- You can not post a reply to your own image... ever.
- One image per response.
- It must be something that beats the previous post, not something similar, or something that sounds the same.
- Finally, post a caption to every image unless it's self explanatory.

Lets start with something simple.

Just Grass.

We wish you to provide proof for the time you have submitted here:

A screenshot of proof or an explanation of your strategy used will suffice.

Competition Central / The SSR Rating [Discontinued]
« on: May 29, 2010, 12:13:46 PM »
Now please note, before I begin, that for now I have only taken the top 50 players on the Sitewide Rankings. If this gains enough appeal, I will expand it to 100 or perhaps 150.

The SSR rating is taken from your stats across TSC, assigning a value (which is the SSR Rating) and then ranking you alongside other TSCers. So using the following formula we are able to determine a rating of your stats which we are calling the SSR:

Sitepoints             -1
---------- = SSR = Efco
# of stats

Efco rating accurately measures your stat efficiency.

This is the chart as of 29th May 2010:


7Romulo The Brazilian0.420
12Shadow Jacky0.297
32Ring Rush0.168
34Strong Bad0.152
42Flying Fox0.107

I have attached a file with a detailed version of this chart. It lists Efco for each player.

Be back in a month with the updated stats.

News and Updates / Sonic Colors
« on: May 26, 2010, 01:08:39 PM »
A new Sonic Game has been announced for the Wii and DS, called:

A news article can be found here:

I shall also quote you a press release on this from aforementioned article if you are lazy like me.

"We're excited to announce a brand-new game for Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic Colors is a high speed action-adventure in which Sonic races through theme park-inspired worlds to rescue a colorful alien race from the clutches of Dr. Eggman. An extraordinary amusement park has been seen orbiting around the home planet of Sonic the Hedgehog, and rumors are spreading that an alien race of Wisps, who have a unique colorful energy, are being held captive there by the evil Dr. Eggman. Soon after arriving at the amusement park, Sonic discovers he is able to use these mysterious alien forces to help the Wisps escape!

Sonic Colors will be available on the Wii and the Nintendo DS around holiday 2010. Sonic Colors for the Wii seamlessly combines both 3D and classic 2D game play perspectives, while the Nintendo DS version takes full advantage of the console's dual screen.

Sonic Colors sees Sonic accelerating to adrenaline-pumping super speeds and blasting through obstacles in ways never before seen in a Sonic game. The alien Wisps featured in the game each have a unique "Color Power" that, once freed, Sonic is able to absorb while speeding through the various theme park inspired planets. The Wisp energy enables Sonic to create new paths through the stages by drilling through the ground (Yellow Drill) for example, or speeding through the stage as a laser (Cyan Laser). Stringing the Wisp power-ups together creates a combo that increases Sonic's boost gauge even more quickly. Exclusive Wisp power-ups will be available for both Wii and the Nintendo DS versions, ensuring a unique and super speedy gameplay experience for Sonic fans everywhere."

As for my opinion, it is far too early to call whether or not it will be a good game or not. I am pleased to see Tails in that trailer though, perhaps we get to have our two tailed fox back to the way he was? And those Wisps seem to match with the colors of the Chaos Emeralds. Perhaps they are vital to the story in that way? *spoilers* :o!

Let the speculation begin!

EDIT: Update in the latest post:

Competition Central / Sonic Rush Adventure Segmented Speedrun
« on: April 02, 2010, 05:15:46 AM »
Yes I'm serious about this now. The camera i've been using recently to record runs of any sort actually gives good quality. So I've decided to plan on a 100% any% True Ending segmented run (because i suck like that >_>) which finishes up on a last segment Deep Core run which i will be trying to break the record.

So if anyone wants to help, you may give tips on general segment planning or tricks that I may never have heard about (doubtful). All details of what will be in each segment will be edited into this post over time. I will give updates as to where i am in planning or the run itself.

Segment List
Segment 1: Training Level.
Segment 2: Wave Cyclone training level, Plant Kingdom + Ghost Rex. Machine Labyrinth + Ghost Pendulum.
Segment 3: Build Sailboat. Johnny 1, Hidden Island 1, Coral Cave (R) 1 2 and Boss.
Segment 4: Build Radio Tower, Kylok's Island, Haunted Ship + Ghost Pirate. Hidden Island 6. Build Hovercraft.
Segment 5: BP1/2, Hidden Island 8 and 12, Daikun's Island
Segment 6: SkyBabylon 1/2, PI Entrance, HI 3-5.
Segment 7: PI1/2, Big Swell
Segment 8: Sol Emeralds, upgrade WC
Segment 9: Chaos Emeralds
Segment 10: Deep Core

Materials needed.
Wave Cyclone: Training Level
Sailboat: 5 Green, 5 Bronze.
Radio Tower: 5 Green, 5 Bronze, 1000 Rings.

Competition Central / Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis
« on: November 22, 2009, 06:47:27 AM »
Well this would be one game that would pull me to this subsite much more often. Its a Stylus based game which tracks scores for 9 puzzle style levels for 8 areas (floors), 1 Boss level for 8 floors(Where you use the Mini Marios to Fight Donkey Kong), and 8 Extra Levels where you tap the screen and hit Shy Guys. The levels which are tracked are as follows:

Floor 1 - Mushroom Mayhem

Floor 2 - Tropical Island

Floor 3 - Pipe Works

Floor 4- Magnet Mania

Floor 5 - Lava Dome

Floor 6 - Toadstool Castle

Floor 7 - Spooky Attic

Floor 8 - Jungle Hijinks

Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3
Floor 4
Floor 5
Floor 6
Floor 7
Floor 8

All the Floor Level scores are 6 digits long. The minigames are 2 digits long. A Screenshot of the title screen can be used from here:

Competition Central / Locations Thread
« on: July 25, 2009, 10:23:59 AM »
Maybe this not only will help me, but other people stumbling upon this on google.

We should probably list where and how we find each boss from Battle Network and Star Force. Its a pain in the butt to do all that searching. So Maybe we could start listing?

Wikkity! / ITT Luxxy Got Them All!!
« on: July 17, 2009, 03:44:45 AM »
Well according to sonic 1 i do D:

But yes i have obtained 6 chaos emeralds. Feast your eyes on them:

Here's the red one viewed from the side:

Now the red and yellow one in comparison to the palm of my hand:

Now for discussion: Wouldn't this be an awesome rewards system any emerald challenges? These only cost 5 dollars each. There were ones 2-3 times the size of there for $22 dollars (super emeralds lawl). I'm thinking of maybe getting one of them, but that means i have to go back to the markets.
Any thoughts?

Leaderboard Disputes / ATTN: sneak
« on: May 30, 2009, 04:12:01 AM »
We would like picture proof, or a strat stat for your time in:

Wave Ocean - Sonic:

Route 99:

Thanks in advance
here we go

Gaming and Grazing / So i was playing Heroes..
« on: May 23, 2009, 10:19:12 AM »

Anyway i decided to do a Single Segment run of Team Rose's story. Not to time attack it, but rather to complete it in one go. First run i got done in just over an hour. Don't have those times. However i recorded the times and stats for the second run i did. Here they are:

Seaside Hill1:50:11A
Ocean Palace2:24:34A
Egg Hawk1:16:34B
Grand Metropolis3:34:03C
Power Plant2:04:88A
Team Sonic0:48:78A
Casino Park2:09:21A
BINGO Highway3:38:00A
Robot Carnival1:39:16B
Rail Canyon3:03:33B
Bullet Station1:58:18A
Egg Albatross0:56:13A
Frog Forest1:50:26A
Lost Jungle2:17:21A
Team Chaotix0:11:68A
Hang Castle1:16:00A
Mystic Mansion1:35:98A
Robot Storm1:30:58A
Egg Fleet3:37:51A
Final Fortress2:49:71A
Egg Emperor2:10:81A

Looking at these times and the ones i have submitted. Its clear that i have gotten better. Or is it that i can replicate these times very well? (Note: The first run times was about the same times as these, just alot more deaths  and a long EA-R, I entered Special Stage 3 EC [>_>] and Team Chaotix time...still..11 seconds D:)

Looking at my newfound ego i propose a Sonic Heroes race. Not in the next few days. Or possibly weeks (when i get my computer back a time will be set >_>). I'm open to rules, regulations and what teams we can use.

Beef / SDM should be champ.
« on: May 01, 2009, 07:29:06 PM »
werster pointed out that|order:division:up is wrong. Calculate SDM's Blaze times and look. They do not total up. Can someone fix this problem please.

Competition Central / Time over issue.
« on: April 30, 2009, 10:15:27 AM »
If i was ring attacking and time-overed, am i allowed to submit that stat or does the level need to be completed? (this would be in the rush series btw)

Suggestions? / Ultimate Flash Sonic
« on: April 18, 2009, 03:42:48 AM »

Probably the most Popular Flash sonic there is. Wondering if this might be able to be put up on TUSC.

Beef / Sonic Rush Adventure Extra Charts
« on: April 13, 2009, 04:49:48 AM »
That isn't even touching this part.

There has been absolutely no competition here at all. There's been Thorn and I filling in our charts and a few minor skirmishes and RPG posting weird times that I continue to wonder if he subtracted the time he got at the end from the time that was given at the beginning so that it would seem like time was counting up instead of down, which is not how the charts there happen to work. But seriously, these seemed like a good idea at the start... it's just that nobody seems to care about them at all. Personally, I see it as personal 0-score-division material when I feel like it.

Okay. The charts were created...when 2005/06 even? So in 4 or so years only we have 14 players in this chart, with only 3 people (me, SkyL and Thorn) competing to an extent. Other than me trying to fill in the charts there has been no competition whatsoever in the past year or 2. Even then my times are one shot runs. Thus these charts are just random obligatory crap for the game.

Hence I propose that the Extra Charts be taken down. If you think about it in the next 10 years or so probably about 2 more (or no-one) people will submit to Extra and that's it. No competitiveness, no challenge, no point. Please do give your point of view in this discussion.

Wikkity! / MM9 Remake! [Cancelled]
« on: April 10, 2009, 06:47:48 AM »
No not the game. The music. I have chosen for my major project for Design & Technology to remake the OST of MM9. It'll take 20 or so weeks to make. It will have a portfolio (that you all can lol at) that comes with it. I will be posting WIPs and final products here so you guys can tell me what needs to be improved and anything you'd like to see done.

Track List:

(Track Number) - (Game Music) (Song Name) {% Completed}

01 - Title Screen (???)
02 - Menu Screen (???)
03 - Stage Select (The Eight Traitors)
04 - Splash Woman's Theme (Underwater Blast)
05 - Concrete Man's Theme (Industrial Power) {10%}
06 - Galaxy Man's Theme (Heavenly Galaga) {10%}
07 - Jewel Man's Theme (Temptation) {10%}
08 - Plug Man's Theme (Plug-in Motor) {10%}
09 - Tornado Man's Theme (Stormy Skies) {10%}
10 - Magma Man's Theme (Burning Ambition) {10%}
11 - Hornet Man's Theme (???) {10%}
12 - Boss Theme (???)
13 - Special Stage (Dirty Money)
14 - Endless Attack (Eternity and a Day)
15 - "Flash in the Dark" (Besieging the Lair)
16 - "We're the Robots" (A Hero's Step) {10%}
17 - "Strange World" (Within the Castle)
18 - "Castle of Evil" (The Final Stop)
19 - Wily Machine (Dragon of Doom) {10%}
20 - Ending (Final Result)

Those names are works in progress and are subject to change at any time. Also would anyone be able to tell me which songs in the OST have potential and can be the best thing ever.

EDIT: This project has been discontinued

Leaderboard Disputes / ATTN: MVP32
« on: April 01, 2009, 05:35:45 AM »
I call calling 2 of your times into question. These are

SA2(B) - City Escape Mission 2 (30"00)
SuWii - Apotos Day 2 (2'03"000)

Please provide proof of these EXACT times please.

Suggestions? / My two cents...
« on: March 31, 2009, 08:11:46 AM »
1) Get charts for the upcoming Sonic Megamix v5

2) Keep and fix [or erase] the current megamix rankings.

3) Maybe put Ultimate Flash Sonic in? If you haven't heard of or even played UFS i suggest you go do so now. (search for the game on google. no link due to me using the psp)

Thanks for your time.

General Sonic / BG Moosics
« on: March 30, 2009, 08:21:32 AM »
Okay so I can't get to sleep tonight as I have a cold. So i'm going to gather opinions again.

Starting from Sonic 1 and working your way through TSC's gamelist, select the best LEVEL music for each game.

For example:
S1: Marble Zone
S2: Oil Ocean

S3 and S&K are considered as separate games. Doomsday 2 and Final Boss are not allowed to be selected for both of them as they are pretty much the same. Any similar circumstance follows the same rule

General Sonic / A Bit Suss...
« on: March 12, 2009, 07:16:06 AM »
Before heading to bed tonight I noticed something a bit strange. In Sonic Rivals 2, i have apparently obtained a monstrous high score of 366000 on Blue Coast 3. I shall get a picture of it tomorrow morning for proof. Until then... should I submit the stat or not?

PS: I am on the PSP's web browser.

EDIT: Okay I am going to submit it and going to sleep. And for the record i am always too far ahead of my rival to attack them. I also only use single event or story mode to obtain scores. Discuss.

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